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Urgent: Stop Big Labor’s Workplace Takeover Bill!

Tell the Senate to Oppose the PRO Act

The House passed legislation that radically changes well-established employment law and threatens the independent supermarket industry. The so-called Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 2474 / S. 1306) carries out a wish-list of Big Labor priorities such as:

• Eliminates state right-to-work laws;
• Limits work for independent contractors;
• Removes the secret ballot for union elections (i.e. “card check”);
• Requires employers to provide sensitive employee records to unions; and,
• Advances destructive union-backed policies.

The bill ignores the radical transformation it would have on the economy by undermining worker rights, ensnaring employers in labor disputes, and forcing workers to pay union dues regardless of their wishes. NGA believes the negative impact of this legislation would be even more profound to independent grocers who employee nearly a million workers across the United States.

Please tell your Senator to Oppose the PRO Act!