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Tell Your Senator to VOTE YES on the Coronavirus Relief Package

After months of NGA efforts urging Congress to pass liability protections for grocers operating in the pandemic in Congress, the Senate is voting THIS WEEK on a coronavirus relief package containing commonsense liability protections. Please urge your Senator to VOTE YES on the coronavirus relief package, which contains Safeguarding America’s Frontline Employees To Offer Work Opportunities Required to Kickstart the Economy (SAFE TO WORK) Act.

This bill protects businesses and their employees from frivolous civil lawsuits associated with COVID-19 by creating a safe harbor; provided these businesses took reasonable steps to comply with the guidance from the CDC or other health authorities.

The SAFE TO WORK Act, would provide limited liability protections to businesses acting in good faith to protect individuals from the spread of the coronavirus. This legislation would not protect bad actors, but those who have made their best efforts to comply with federal, state, and local guidance. This is why National Grocers Association, as well as other retail trade groups, support this legislation.

Only Congress can help prevent a flood of litigation and demand letters against grocers who are simply doing their part and staying open to serve the American public during the crisis. Independent grocers cannot afford a wave of frivolous litigation at a time when our communities need us the most.

Our industry is serving the real, immediate needs of the American people and they should not have to worry they will be sued for simply providing the products and services Americans need right now.

Please contact your Senator NOW to help pass commonsense COVID-19 liability relief.